Palestinian Women Deal with Social Stigma of Abortion
Women who seek the procedure face religious and legal obstacles and are forced to turn to risky do-it-yourself methods. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 5 May, 2016.


Israel Releases 12-year-old Palestinian Girl from Jail
Family welcomes the release of D al-Wawi, who was arrested in February on charges of attempted manslaughter. This story, co-written with Dalia Hatuqa, was published in AlJazeera on 24 April, 2016.

Israeli ban on Palestinian goods in Jerusalem slammed
Truckloads of Palestinian products were turned back at West Bank commercial crossing with no Israeli explanation. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 29 March, 2016.


A Protest of a Different Kind in Palestine
Thousands of teachers take to the streets to demand better wages, leaving West Bank schools closed for nearly a month. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 8 March, 2016.


Palestinians Demand Truth About Death in Sofia Embassy
Palestinian suspicions fall on Israel after mysterious death of Omar Nayef at embassy in Bulgarian capital. This story was published in AlJazeera on 2 March, 2016.


Palestinian Hunger Strikes: ‘My Husband is Dying’
With a deal still elusive in Mohammed al-Qeeq’s case, observers fear Israel is clamping down on hunger strikers. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 21 February, 2016.


The Death of Ali Dawabsheh
Death of 18-month-old baby has left Palestinians feeling helpless as other members of family fight for their lives. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 04 August, 2015.


Palestinian Hunger Striker Recalls Being Force-fed
Abdulrahim Nubani, who spent 20 years inside Israeli jail, says hunger strike is mode of resistance against occupation. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 30 July, 2015.


Defiant Palestinian Bedouins Dread Eviction from Susiya
Israeli authorities have warned Bedouin community in occupied West Bank of imminent demolition of their makeshift homes. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 24 July, 2015.


Palestinians Await FIFA Decision on Israel 
Palestine’s FIFA motion is part of wider efforts to challenge what activists say are racist Israeli policies. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 27 May, 2015.


West Bank Boycott Takes Aim at Israeli Food Products
Opponents and advocates of boycotting Israel agree that it is an important tactic in the Palestinian struggle. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 22 March, 2014.


Israel’s Road Signs Policy ‘ Erases Memory of Place’
In some areas, street signs only indicate the nearest Israeli settlements. This feature, co-written with Dalia Hatuqa, was published in AlJazeera on 22 March, 2015.


‘Smuggled’ Child Meets Father in Israeli Jail 
Majd Rimawi is among more than two dozen Palestinian children born to a prisoner family through sperm smuggling and IVF. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 19 December, 2014.

Israeli Demolitions ‘Collective Punishment’ 
Families decry Israel’s demolition of the homes of Palestinians accused of killing three Israeli settlers in June. This feature, co-written with Dalia Hatuqa was published in AlJazeera on 18 August, 2014.

Nadim NuwwaraPalestinian Family Devastated by Son’s Death 
Human rights groups say Israeli army had no reason to use live ammunition after two youths were killed on Nakba day. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 22 May, 2014.


Forged DeedsIsraeli Settlers Forging Deeds for Lands
West Bank settlers falsify contracts to claim that illegal land they live on was acquired from Palestinians legally. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 20 May, 2014.


Cliff HotelPalestinian Hotel at Heart of Legal Battle
The Ayyad family is determined to get back its property, which lies on the route of Israel’s separation barrier. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 8 March, 2014.


Casket 5056Casket 5056: The Unidentified Palestinian
Israel’s handling of Palestinian prisoners’ corpses is often disorganised, angering relatives of the dead. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 18 August, 2013.


Smuggled SpermsPrison-Smuggled Sperm Gives Palestinians Hope
Women with husbands serving long terms in Israeli jails have resorted to sneaking sperm out and getting pregnant. This feature was published in AlJazeera on 2 April, 2013.


PrisonersA Symbol of Palestinian Prisoners’ Suffering
An alleged Hamas prison in the West Bank deals the latest blow to reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 25 September, 2012.


ReconciliationDwindling Hopes of Palestinian Reconciliation
An alleged Hamas prison in the West Bank deals the latest blow to reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 25 September, 2012.


Protesting EconomyProtesting West Bank’s Economic Woes
Residents hope protests will drive the Palestinian Authority to do something about poor economic conditions. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 11 September, 2012.


Domestic ViolanceDomestic Violence in the West Bank on the Rise
Palestinian women increasingly face violence from their husbands but often prefer to stay silent to avoid shame. This blog was published in AlJazeera on 5 September, 2012.


Palestinian Loss of Land Map 2010Bidding Farewell to the Two-State Solution

Israel made its choice clear, Palestinians say — in spite of a generous incentives package from Washington, the Netanyahu government chose settlements over resurrecting the peace process based on the two-state solution. This analysis was published in the Huffington Post on 14 December, 2010.

CubaIn the Land of Che
Revolution here  no longer resembles what Che wanted it to be; eternal like sea waves. Here too, its icons became for sale. As if the attitude is “if you can stamp his picture on it, sell it”! This story was originally written and published in Arabic for Shabab Assafir on 19 October, 2010.

BeitElWait… You’re at the Occupied Ramallah District Coordination Office!
For many reasons Palestinians need to get Israeli permits, those are issued in Israeli coordniation offices scattered around the occupied Palestinian territory. A process often long and exhusting. This story was originally written and published in Arabic for Shabab Assafir on 6 October, 2010.

JournalismOccupied Palestinian Territory: Journalism Caught in the Middle
In the West Bank, Fatah blamed the messenger for its loss in elections, while in Gaza, Hamas treated all those who didn’t openly support it as opponents. Almost three years later, both parties still demand that journalists take sides.


MukhtarThe Mukhtar of Fifth Avenue
For the past 25 years Joudeh has been an active community leader and a devoted advocate for the Arab community in New York City.



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